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Passive Fire Installation


Passive Fire Protection Certification
BM Trada

Certification Number 2623

Burry Sealants are third party certified as BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Stopping Installers.

'BM TRADA exists to help make certain that the materials, products and processes that we test, inspect and certify for our customers are always safe, quality compliant, and fit for purpose.  What we ultimately deliver is certainty to those sectors where failure in service is simply not an option.'

By holding the following certification we are ensuring that: 

  • We have association with BM TRADA, widely recognised and accepted as a leading provider of third-party certification.​

  • We show we have the correct training to install fire stop.

  • We are able to sign off the work of our operatives to ensure the installation has been carried out correctly.

  • Provide a full report of the installation process including where the installation is located, the installation number, before and after images of the installation and the relevant documents associated.

Bolster Reporting
Passive Fire Application
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