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Passive Fire Protection

Utilising a proficiently trained team, we guarantee the professional and accurate completion of installation, backed by our third-party accreditation.

Our Services

Our workforce is thoroughly trained and abide by all health and safety standards, such as SSSTS, SMSTS, CITB, CSCS, and IPAF. We constantly review our regulations and strategies to make sure all safety protocols are observed on the worksite.

To learn more about our certification, reporting software, and projects, click the links below. Alternatively, keep reading to find out more about our passive fire protection service.

Intumescent fire resistant sealant is used for penetration seals around combustible services in fire compartment walls and floors. 

Intumescent sealant can close gaps due to volume expansion of up to 25 times.

Intumescent Mastic Seals

Mastic Gun

Ablative fire board is a mineral wool-based protection board coated with the fire resistance, ablative coating.


This product can be combined with many other passive fire protection products for sealing a wide range of service penetrations.

Coated Fire Batts

Fire Board

Through air sealing, a structure can not only be brought up to fire safety regulations, but can also be more energy efficient.


Benefits of doing so include cost savings on heating bills, an environmental contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and better air quality within the building.

Air Sealing

Air Sealing

Passive fire applications for compartmentations can include linear seals.


Linear fire seals are designed to maintain the required building resistance across a separating element. 

These seals can be found in walls, floors and in head of wall applications.

Linear Gap Fire Seal

Linear Seals

Utilising intumescent coatings in structures is a vital step to protect them from fire.


If these coatings are not applied, the building's steel could soften and lead to a potential collapse due to high temperatures. Intumescent Coatings ensure that the structure remains safe and can withstand high temperatures.

Intumescent Coating

Intumescent Coating

Bolster is the complete survey, installation & management system.


We upload floor plan drawings of buildings so we are able to drop pins accurately locating installation points.


Bolster enables us to track projects process in real time and also offer our clients access to monitor the works. 

Reporting System

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