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Burry Sealants - Q3 Success

Over the past three months, we witnessed exceptional dedication, teamwork, and innovation from every member of the Burry Sealants team. Together we navigated challenges, embraced opportunities, and achieved outstanding results. Here are some highlights that truly define our remarkable quarter:

1. BigChange: We've hit the one year mark of BigChange! Our CRM and job management system has been one of our biggest milestones and changes within our business, we couldn't be prouder of the strides we've made! Over the last year, we have:

Successfully completed 12,713 jobs! ✅

Our job efficiency has reached new heights! 📈

We have seen a significant reduction in paperwork! 📝

Increase in operational efficiency! 👏🏼

We cannot wait to see what BigChange will help our business accomplish this year 🏆

2. Employee growth and development: This quarter, we welcomed two new valuable members to our team. Nathan has come on board as a experienced Sealant Applicator, while Laura has joined us as a Digital Marketing Apprentice. Both have seamlessly integrated into their positions and are eager to contribute to the growth of our company. We are excited to witness their continued development within our team.

The feedback of our team holds great importance to us. Over the past three months, we have been committed to improving the on-site experience for our employees, aiming for greater efficiency and smoother operations.

As a result, we have refined our job systems worksheets, ensuring a shorter process without compromising the effectiveness of evidence and notes.

3. Client delight: The testimonials and feedback we have received from our clients, particularly regarding our surface repair service, have been incredibly positive.

‘What a fantastic service we’ve received from Burry Sealants repairs/cosmetics works team. We’re so impressed with the quality of works and level of professionalism that it’s impossible to pick fault.

Burry Sealants have, in our experience, always offered a high quality service. All their staff are really responsive, polite, professional and helpful. Having worked with Burry Sealants for some time now, (and already rating them highly from our experience with them), the cosmetic works we’ve had done are immaculate.

Jordan, (the person we’ve had on site to complete works) is really professional and punctual and his standards of works are so impressive. He’s repaired cracked tiles, chipped kitchen doors, scratched external doors and door frames, canopies, kitchen surfaces etc and all works have been to such a standard that you can’t see where they’ve been repaired– they’re quite honestly as good as new.

With the huge push to be greener and reduce our carbon footprint, I can’t promote this service enough for helping to reduce waste by repairing rather than replacing, and it’s quicker and cheaper! All in all, a fantastic service offered, thank you to all at Burry Sealants!’

Bloor Homes Highbridge Brue Place - Sally Dean Trainee Site Manager

4. Passive Fire Protection Audit: We would also like to acknowledge a significant achievement within our team. Dean, one of our directors, successfully completed the yearly audit for the Passive Fire Protection division with zero non-conformities. This accomplishment is not only a personal milestone for Dean but also a noteworthy for the entire company.

As we reflect on these achievements, we recognise that none of this would have been possible without the collection of efforts from each and every person from our team. Their hard work, creativity and dedication continue to propel us forward.

Looking ahead to Q4, we are reaching for even greater accomplishments. With new projects, initiatives, and challenges on the horizon, the Burry Sealants team is ready!



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